For the continuous improvement of its processes MercaSID, S.A. incorporates the following programs in its different manufacturing processes:

Premio Nacional a la Produccion mas Limpia (Cleaner Production Awards)

Since 2013 MercaSID, S.A. has successfully participated in the national award for cleaner production sponsored by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. These awards recognize Dominican companies and institutions that implement actions to improve the use of natural resources, reducing negative impacts on the environment and increasing competitiveness in the market. MercaSID, S.A. has achieved recognition for successful implementation and excellence in P + L in the categories of energy, water and materials; for various energy efficiency projects, reduction in the use of natural resources and process optimization.

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Certification

Since 2015 MercaSID, S.A. has been certified in RSPO (Sustainable Palm Oil) Supply Chain module “Mass Balance” (CU RSPO SCC No. 845373). This certification seeks to promote the production, traceability and use of sustainable palm oil benefiting the people, planet and overall prosperity through the cooperation within the supply chain and open dialogue among its stakeholders. The company also maintains a palm oil traceability verification program.

Certification ISO 14001: 2015

As an entity committed to the environment, MercaSID S.A. has been certified in ISO 14001 since 2004 and in its latest version since 2018. By being certified we improve our environmental performance through efficient use of resources and waste reduction, obtaining a competitive advantage and the trust of our stakeholders.

Local Environmental Permit

We possess our current operating environmental permit granted by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, adhering to the legal requirements and environmental regulations of the Dominican Republic in order to prevent, control and mitigate possible impacts on the environment.

Certification ISO 9001: 2015

This international standard is the structure of the quality management system utilized in MercaSID to achieve the constant satisfaction of all its customers and consumers and ensuring the continuous improvement of our processes. We have been certified since 2006 and in its latest version since 2018.

Total Performance Management (TPM)

Its implementation offers and guarantees the guidelines to achieve increased productivity with an efficient and effective interaction between workers and their work tools.

Total Loss Control (CTP)

Program that favors an ideal work environment and greater safety for all workers in each of the different manufacturing sites.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point)

The health of the consumer is of vital importance in our production process. The HACCP program guarantees that each of our products meet the highest safety standards and do not represent any risk to the health of its consumers.

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